Essay on Room Division Management Sample Case Study

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Rooms Division Management Case Study#3: 10% Total /40 MarksThe Safe Deposit Box That Wasn’t Amanda stood beh...
Rooms Division Management Case Study#3: 10% Total /40 Marks
“The Safe Deposit Box That Wasn’t Amanda stood behind the front desk of the Metropolitan, a 376-room upscale hotel, and tried to ignore the butterflies in her stomach. It was just her second day on the job, and there was so much to remember! She glanced over at Ron, standing at the other end of the counter. It was comforting to have him working the shift with her—he had worked for the Metropolitan for two years and had been a big help yesterday whenever she got flustered or confused. Her first day was extremely busy because everybody was
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I'm tired, and if he's not in his room he's probably at the convention like you said. Just give me a room."
After Sheila collected a key to Room 287 and left in a huff, Ron congratulated Amanda for a job well done. "You did the right thing. Her I.D. proves she's Sheila Jones, but it doesn't prove she's Virgil's wife. She probably really is his wife, and ninety-nine times out of a hundred probably nothing bad would happen if we let a wife or a husband or a brother or somebody into a room. But it's not worth taking a chance on violating the privacy or compromising the safety of our guests. It's that one time in a hundred that can lead to serious trouble."
Thankfully, Sheila did not make another appearance and the rest of the morning passed uneventfully. Just after Amanda returned to the front desk after lunch, a short, balding fellow in a shiny blue suit approached the desk and gave her a big smile. "Hi, I'm Virgil Jones, Room 326. Any messages or mail for me?"
"No, Mr. Jones, but someone was asking about you. A Ms. Sheila Jones was here. She said she was your wife and wanted to wait for you in your room, but we had to turn her down."
Virgil looked startled rather than pleased. "Where is she now?"
"We put her in another room so she could freshen up. Let me call her and let her know you're here." Amanda called Room 287 and in a few minutes Sheila appeared in the lobby.
"Hi, baby!" Virgil called out when he saw her, rushing up and giving her a bear hug.