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Postgraduate Taught student handbook

Professor Ian Davidson

Welcome to the School of Business, Management and Economics
The School of Business, Management and Economics is a research intensive organisation which combines a broad range of expertise that is highly relevant to the emerging agendas of the 21st century. The constituent departments are the Department of Economics, with its reputation for development economics and international trade; the
Department of Business and Management, which spans all the main business disciplines including enterprise and innovation, and SPRU - Science and Technology Policy
Research, with its long standing international reputation for science policy, energy policy and innovation. In addition, there are two adjunct operations in the form of the Centre for
Community Engagement and the International Summer School.
The School is well connected with governments, international organisations and key individuals at the highest levels. The combination of expertise and involvement in high level policy ensures that the courses offered are relevant, innovative and up-to-date with current thinking.
A major change for the School this year is that we have all been relocated in a superb new building at the centre of the campus. As befits a School which has a strong interest in energy efficiency and sustainability, the Jubilee Building contains many state of the art features which contribute to it attaining the ‘excellent’ rating under the UK energy efficiency and sustainability standards (BREEAM).
You will no doubt have heard about the many ratings and ranking scores, with the
University itself being placed in the top 100 of universities worldwide by the THE. Suffice it to say that we are committed to providing you with a really good educational experience as we continue to hire top quality academics from around the world as the School grows to achieve even greater levels of prominence internationally.
This handbook is designed to give you an introduction to the School and to provide details about life at the University. It should serve as a useful guide and should be kept for future reference.
We have tried to make the information as clear as possible, but if you are still unsure you should ask members of School who will be delighted to provide you with assistance. I wish you all the best in your chosen field of study and that you will continue to have a lifelong association with the School and the University!

Ian Davidson
Head of School


Aims and Contents of this Guide
This handbook aims to answer some of the questions that you may have about how to find your way around the School of Business, Management and Economics – where to find things, who does what and where to go if you have a personal or academic problem.


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SECTION ONE: General Advice and Information
Term and University Closure Dates 2012/13
Who’s Who
How to find your way around the Sussex Campus
Student Life Centre
Mitigating Evidence
Other Sources of Advice and Support
The University Library
Careers and Volunteer Work
Making Your Voice Heard
Health & Safety
Equal Opportunities


SECTION TWO: Academic Information
What We Expect From You
Research Seminars
Credit System
Assessments and Examinations


Although every effort is made to ensure that all information contained in this handbook is correct at the time of going to press (September 2012), the University cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions. 3


General Advice and


Term Dates – 2012/13
All details on term dates for the academic year 2012-13 can be found at: www.sussex.ac.uk/governance/1-3-5.html Who’s Who
The School of Business, Management and Economics (BMEC) includes the
Department of Business and Management and Department of Economics,