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Comparing and contrasting Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson presidencies and argue if their progressive beliefs matched their policies. Once you know the policies, do they match the rhetoric that each man espoused? You are to make an argument (think about it, who was more progressive or who had the more influential policies?).

The best way to describe both Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson is that they were headed in the same direction but taking different routes. Both men were presidents in the Progressive Era. In the year of 1912 they competed for presidency. President Roosevelt wanted to make sure people were well taken care of and that the laws put in place would benefit people’s lives, even if that meant changing them. Roosevelt as a republican saw problems with industrialization and major corporations. He wanted to make laws to combat the abuse of power within major corporations although he saw the positive effects of better efficiency. Also, he wanted to better the Nation by making laws to prevent injuries to workers. He was all for his people and maintaining health and safety. Equally important he believed that the U.S should have the most powerful in the word. He was all for America and what he purchased was for our benefit. He was a go getter and brave. The way he ran his presidency was effective. He was the voice for the people of the U.S. Conversely, Woodrow Wilson as a democrat thought that major corporations and