Rorschach Paper

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Santhi Paruchuri
Professor Foland
English 1101-140
April 14, 2014
Rorschach Tests, Ink Blots, and Projective Tests
The topic that I am conducting more information about Rorschach tests, also called the “Projective Tests” or “Ink Blots”. I always wanted to learn more about how many of our minds roam around by the reactions a variety of colors splattered on an isolated paper. I remember reading about Rorschach tests and how that scientists and artists were working together and debating whether if these tests may assist in control of any diseases that are deadly. There was a disease called mental retardation. Mental retardation is when a certain kid under the age of eighteen will have a problem with learning and developing. Let’s say for example Bobby is a twelve year old who always struggles in math, and his teacher Mrs. America notices that every math test he’s been taking with her he’s been getting a F. She contacts his parents that following evening, and tells them that their son should see a psychologist. The next day, they go and the psychologists state that if he looks at inkblots, there will be an improvement in his studies, by the year of 2016. Few years pass by, and Bobby finally understands Math also getting an A minus, on his math test in high school from the help of inkblots, his middle school teacher, his parents, and his psychologist Dr. Razo. I established through in my high school online textbook that there may have a highly importance of finding answers. It leads me to look for more information on inkblots, the interaction between man vs. or man to man vs. self. I was determined to hunt down more statistics, and images about “ink blots”. It took me a few minutes, and I was never aware how many people looked it in a different way that I can never imagine, and my questions were unclear, I wanted to look for my answers. So, I go on google, and type my question. The first thing that popped up about Rorschach tests were that on a blog quoted that “the future SAT will have some Rorschach tests that can be tested for memory accuracy. “According to my old high school psychology teacher, I emailed her on what colors are the most interactive for tests that many people can understand themselves. There are certain color meanings for Rorschach’s Tests when a certain person looks at a photo, and says the first that pops up. Furth more, that red is calm, orange is fierce, yellow is relaxed, green is hope, blue is artistic, purple is friendly, black is emotional, and white is pure. Another fast fact is that for inkblot tests there are grading systems too! The techniques are uncommon to many people because not Rorschach’s Tests are highly used in psychologists or doctors. The two informative are validity, and reliability. My sister Bindu, a junior at Saint Louis University told me when I was listening what she told me, about people who want become a psychologists take a human trial and error tests are usually used for validity. Validity is when a test may or not interact with measure. She kept speaking to me about how reliability is for when it’s outgoing statement of test scores that may lead to diseases.
The history of Rorschach Inkblot Test, by Herman Rorschach from 1884 till 1922. His nickname commonly was called as “Kleck” or inkblot; he was a talented art student who wanted to study science because of his family like mainly his brother who was mentally challenged. His inspiration was to dream and how relation point of views and confusion of ink blots. He published an article in 1921 called “Psychodiagnostik”. We should