Rosa Lee Essay

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NAME (primary client): Rosa Lee Cunningham
DATE OF BIRTH: October 7, 1936
SEX: Female
DATE OF REPORT: 3/14/2012

Identifying Information: Rosa Lee is a feisty African American female who grew up poor on the fringes of a Capitol Hill neighborhood. Her parents were sharecroppers who had migrated to the city. Rosa Lee had eight children, six boys and two girls, over an 11 year stretch; she was 14 years old when she had her first born. While pregnant with her first child, Rosa Lee dropped out of school without having learned to read. At age 16, Rosa Lee got married; the marriage only lasted a few months. She supported her family by waitressing in
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He had been placed in an ungraded class with unruly, slower learners; he stopped going to school. However, Nancy McAllister, a social worker dropped by his house one afternoon and sent Eric back to school. She had arranged for Eric to be tested and found that Eric had no apparent learning disabilities, he just never had been taught to read. McAllister persuaded Eric to receive tutoring on Saturdays; he was tutored for eighteen months. Eric did not return back to school; he was 14 years old.

Educational History (Family): Patty

Explain: Patty was 14 years old and in the 4th grade when she dropped out of school.

Educational History (Family): Ducky

Explain: In the 8th grade Ducky dropped out of school; he was 16 years old.

Employment History (Client and Family):

Explain: In the summer of 1948, Rosa Lee sold the Baltimore-Washington Afro-American newspaper door to door. Rosa Lee also worked at Wings N Things fried chicken. In 1956 she began working at the Ko Ko Club. Then she got a second job at 821 Club as a “shake dancer” and also began selling heroin and engaging in prostitution. Rosa Lee sold heroin for over 19 years. In 1977, Rosa Lee began juggling along 14th street. When she was 37 years old she worked at Clubhouse Gay Bar. Rosa Lee also shoplifted and would sell the stolen items to make money. Bobby worked as a prostitute for males and females. Ronnie worked at Wings N Things with Rosa Lee as a short