Rosa Louise McCauley Parks Essay

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December 5, 2014

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks

This paper highlights the bravery of Rosa Parks, an African American women who protested the racism in the 1950s. Rosa Parks was a revolutionary person because of her brave acts, standing up for what she believes and helping start a revolution that changed the lives of many.
Rosa Parks was one of the African Americans who changed history. A lot of people know her for standing up against racial segregation.She changed history by refusing to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man. A lot of people say Rosa Parks was too tired to move, but she actually wasn’t tired from work just tired of moving for the whites “The only tired I was, was tired of giving in” She explained in one of her quotes . She also didn’t get up because she wasn’t in the whites section. Rosa was arrested and convicted of civil disobedience .During her years of life African American people was segregated from the white people and if a white person told them to do something they had to do it. Her childhood in Montgomery helped her develop strong roots and her childhood was also influenced by Jim Crow. Rosa spent most of her life fighting for desegregation and was active in the Civil Rights movement. No matter what city she lived in, she found a way to stay involved in the community and always seemed to have a way to voice her thoughts and feelings about society. She has been given a lot of awards for her help to make positive change in that time. ”I would like to be known as a person who is concerned about freedom and equality and justice and prosperity for all people.” (Rosa Parks said) Rosa
Parks was over the Youth Division at the Montgomery NAACP branch for years. Rosa Parks is an interesting person because she has an exciting childhood and she changed life for African
Rosa Park’s maiden name is Rosa Louise McCauley. She was born February 4, 1913 in
Tuskegee, Alabama. She only had one brother .Her father, James McCauley, was a carpenter by trade and her mother, Leona Edwards, was a school teacher. Parks did not graduate from high school until she was 20 because she had to take care for her sick grandmother, and then later her sick mother. her mother Mrs. McCauley had a feeling when her daughter was born that she was going to be a civil rights leader and change the nation. Mrs. McCauley hated how the world was segregated and she believed in freedom and she wanted Rosa to be treated right.
She did not think any person should treat her daughter like she was a bad person. Rosa never went to public school until she was eleven, but her mom homeschooled her. When Rosa was eleven she went to Industrial School for Girls in Montgomery. She began laboratory school for her secondary education, but she had to drop out of school to take care of her family, her dad also returned home from being away for three years because he would build houses around the
Alabama to make money for their family.
On December 18, 1932 Rosa Parks married Raymond Parks, Montgomery barber, in a small ceremony at her mother’s home.Her husband encouraged her to finish high school and get her diploma, she graduated in 1933. She later worked as a seamstress. After three tries Rosa was able to register to vote. Rosa helped her husband raise money for the defense of the
Scottsboro Boys. After doing that Rosa became a member of the Montgomery chapter of
NAACP and was their secretary. That job lasted for thirteen years then Rosa took a job working on the Maxwell Air Force Base. While working for Maxwell Rosa was treated equal and it was a turning point in her attitude towards civil rights. Rosa didn’t intend on being arrested when she got on the bus. She had sat on the back of the bus behind the white people section. So the bus was crowded and a white man got on the bus and all the other black people moved except
Rosa.The bus driver told her to move to the back or else he was going to call the cops, but
Rosa did not move.