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Chapter 1

Rosa parks born in Feb 4, 1913. Rosa McCauley born in Tuskegee, Alabama. Tuskegee was not big place because three thousand people lived there. Rosa’s mother loved his teachings and raised Rosa to love them too. Rosa’s mother, Leona Edwards McCauley, was a teacher before Rosa born. Rosa’s father, James McCauley was car Pinter. He built beautiful houses, Rosa said but he often worked far from home and would be away for
Months at a time. Leona McCauley wanted her husband to get a job teaching at the Tuskegee Institute so that Rosa would be able to go to school there, but James McCauley thought he would make more money yeas builder. It was a hard time for Rosa mother. Alone with bays
Rosa, who was often sick, she missed he husband and the challenge of teaching. After a few months, she decided Rosa mother they should live with her own parents in pine level. Then, Rosa Grandfather Sylvester and grandma. Rosa’s father lived with them between jobs until Rosa was two and a half. He visits for few days when five was and her little brother, Sylvester, was three. After her father again until she was grown up Rosa liked being “a good little girl” grandfather Sylvester was born slave before Civil war began in 1861 his father was a white plantation owner. Her mother was slave who worked in the plantation house. Grandparents worked on there were no supermarkets or fast food when Rosa family grew lots of vegetables and peach, apple, pecan, and walnut trees. They raised chickens, a few cows, and probably some pigs. Rosa family could grow most of their own food and sell or trade eggs, chickens, and calves for things they couldn’t grow. They picked wild berries and plums to make jam. Sometimes grandfather Sylvester and Grandma Rosa

Would take their grandchildren fishing especially since Rosa did not mind putting the worms on everyone’s hooks.


We don’t know what Rosa hose really looked like; we can imagine that Rosa house was always neat and clean. All her life Rosa was proud to belong to the AFRICAN Methodist Episcopal church, called the A.M.E. It had been founded in Philadelphia in 1816 by Bishop Richard Allen. Chapter 2
Rosa was baptized when she was two, and she loved church right from the start. Rosa first school she attended the same one-room wooden school house in pine level that her mother had attended and even had the same teacher. About fifty or sixty kids went there, from first graders to sixth graders. Rosa was good at her school work. She had learned to read and count when she was three or four, and she loved reading, especially fairy tales. The white children who lived near her rode school buses and sometime threw garbage out the window at black kids who had walk. But there

Were almost no good schools for black children? Students at Rosa school have to bring all their books home every night. Because the KU KLUY KLAN might burn the school down. The KU KLUY KLAN (KKK) is a white American terrorist organization that still exists.
Rosa grandfather stayed up all night with his shotgun on his lap to protect his family. Rosa stayed up with him if there was going

To be any shooting, she said she