Rosa Parks Essay

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Samir Tripathy
Mrs. Toth
January 16, 2015 Passage 2 showing Clinton’s speech is the best passage to convey Rosa Park because it shows that Clinton was very much in appreciation with Rosa’s heroism. Based on evidence, it says that, “ I was honored, Rosa, to give you the Medal of Freedom, and I was thrilled during the State of the Union Address when you got that enormous, bipartisan ovation here.” Clinton was very inspired by Rosa and made this speech to show how much courage he had in Rosa and expressed his feelings towards her. Based on whatever Rosa faced to help her blacks and whites to have fair sides and be appreciated of each other. Her actions to end the segregation inspired Martin Luther King Jr. to take her side and fight along with her to help end this problem. Passage 2 really expresses the inspiration of all the people toward Rosa as she was known as a hero, and the inspiration helped people to realize that they should never give up to what they want to achieve. In Passage 1, it really doesn’t show appreciation and honor for Rosa’s heroism, it only explains facts and the actions that she took to inform the particular event to the people. To support my claim, Passage 1 states that, “In 1955 forty-eight thousand blacks lived in Montgomery, and 75 percent used public transportation regularly.” This fact expresses nothing towards Rosa Park’s heroism and actions to end racial segregation and doesn’t honor her of anything she had done to make this difficult problem