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Amanda Spidle
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Essay Analysis
10 February 2015 Out From the Ashes In Rosa Parks, Douglas Brinkley uses details describing Park's home and religious background, along with those similar to her to show almost a respectful attitude and interest toward his subject. Brinkley goes on in the first paragraph to raise Rosa McCauley up and put her name right along with other great, well-known African Americans, such as, Booker T. Washington, Ralph Ellison and
Washington Carver. It displays his idea that she was important and deserved to be better known and highly respected by him and all those who read about her. As Brinkley moves on into the second paragraph, Brinkley, continues to describe Rosa's birth place, saying that it has, "wobbly steps leading up to a porch seemingly on the verge of collapse." Stating this can be a way of Douglas showing his remorse that she was born in such place as this. He compares a picture of the home to a photograph taken by Walker Evans, for a book written in the depression era.
It is to be said, "that the star was a sign that God had special interest in bringing Rosa McCauley into the world." It is very interesting that Brinkley chose to add this into his essay because it seems that he is using her pedestal to display an even bigger idea that she is special and mighty over all others. In this, I believe Brinkley is showing a sense of pride and deep interest in her. He continues on in the final