Rosa Parks Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Icon, Oprah Winfrey, in her eulogy for Rosa Parks, she admires Parks for all she achieved. Winfrey’s objective is to capture the essence of why Rosa Parks was so admirable. She utilizes ethos, different sentence structures and an admirable and respectful tone to make the reader understand why Rosa Parks was a great impact in Winfrey’s life and a mark in history. She utilizes different sentence structures, an admirable and respectful tone, and descriptive details to make the reader understand why Rosa Parks was an incredible woman who made a great influence in colored people’s lives. Winfrey begins with many different sentence structures throughout the eulogy to emphasize how grateful Winfrey is to have known such a powerful woman. She …show more content…
Winfrey appeals to the admirable and respectful tone by realizing that,” [She] would not be standing here today nor standing where [she] stands every day had [Sister Rosa] not chosen to sit down”(Winfrey Par 2). She uses this admirable and respectful tone in order to justify how this woman was not just an impact in people’s lives, but in history. This gives the audience a sense of respect and appreciation towards a woman who created awareness towards racial discrimination. Winfrey utilizes descriptive details to a make aware on how Rosa Parks truly impacted the nation. Winfrey appeals to the use of imagery by “[imagining Rosa] being stalwart and strong and carrying a shield to hold back the white folks”(Winfrey Par 1). Winfrey utilizes this descriptive detail in order exaggerate on how known Rosa Parks was and how much she impacted people’s lives. This gives the audience an epitome on how much she truly impacted their lives, even if they didn’t notice. Winfrey, in this eulogy she wrote about Rosa Parks, utilizes syntax, admirable and respectful tone, and descriptive details to emphasize the greatness and legend Rosa Parks is. She, along with many other people, know that Rosa Parks made a great impact in colored people lives and in