Rosa Parks: The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Words: 1867
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Fighting, not only for yourself, but for all the African Americans, Rosa Parks fought for 381 days to help put an end to segregation. Parks was the starter of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which helped the world become the way it is, with no segregation. Rosa Parks impacted our lives greatly by standing up for what's right and not letting people have to deal with anymore cruelty towards people with darker skin. Rosa Parks was one of the most determined historical figures because she knew what she wanted and did not give up. Parks would not give her seat up on the bus, which caused her to get arrested. After she got arrested she still didn't give up, she fought for what was right. Rosa Parks is a great example of a hero. Heroes are people who …show more content…
Segregation means the separation of different racial groups. Before people like Rosa Parks came together to make an end to segregation, it took place in public areas such as schools, restrooms, water fountains, restaurants, and even transportation was segregated. On a bus the front 10 seats were reserved for white passengers and any seat behind the 10 reserved for white passengers were for the “colored.” The Montgomery Bus Boycott took place in Montgomery, Alabama. On December 1, 1995 when Rosa Parks was on her way home from the Montgomery Fair department store, where she worked as a seamstress. Rosa Parks sat down towards the front of the bus and the bus driver, James Blake, instructed Parks to sit in the back, and she refused. Rosa Parks was then arrested for violating a city law. Even though Parks got arrested she still wouldn’t give up, she felt it was unfair to have to face such discrimination just because her skin was “colored.” The boycott officially ended on December 20, 1956 when the supreme court decided that the segregation on public buses was infringing on the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment gave African Americans citizenship. If it weren’t for Parks African Americans might have still been segregated. Rosa Parks said, “Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome.” In this quote Rosa Parks is stating how if African Americans want an end to this they have to fight for themselves because it is not okay to be treated unfairly just because of your skin color. She also mentions that racism will always be with us which means even though she got us through the segregation, some people will just always be racist towards African Americans and there's nothing they can do, except for controlling their own rights and standing up for themselves. People who were white didn't realize how cruel and unreasonable