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Why I Chose Michael Dell
When you are older and looking back on your past you will regret more of the things you didn’t do than the things you did. If you stop and take a second guess about something you’re about to do, it could change your life forever. Michael Dell never gave up on his passion for computers and believed in himself. Michael Dell is the CEO, chairman, and founder of Dell Computer Company. Dell founded a passion at the age of 15 with upgrading computers. When he went to college he took the summer to pursue his passion into computers and never went back to school. He started his business his freshman year of college and in the early 2000’s made $1 million a day from his internet store. If the computer business didn’t work out for Dell he had a backup plan of becoming a doctor like his parents wanted him too. Michael Dell was determined to become big with his business and he did. He was the youngest CEO to guide a company. He made me realize that if you find something you love to do, go with it because it can take you somewhere in life.
My research on Michael Dell was not hard to find; I found articles on Dell from the school’s databases. After reading through all of them, I highlighted the important facts. The cluster word web helped me break down into groups on what I wanted to focus on about Michael Dell. Writing the summary for each article, I would gather information from each of them. When he was young and would make thousands of dollars as a child. I