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Mario Granai
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Test 1

The Roseanne episode reflects and represents the main idea of the other videos and readings we had over TV in different ways. Roseanne shows how women are the ones who take care of the kitchen, also shows how women start to take more control over men, how men “take care of the family” economically and also how TV started to become more liberal when exposing more adult language scenes. Also it showed how TV was a fictitious way of living from real life and from what happened in real family homes. From my opinion how Roseanne episode have a lot in common with the shows how Man of the house, the independent Women, and make room for TV, all relate. The episodes of Man of the house are typical TV shows where the man didn’t accept any changes and he was in charge of the house and the family. He is a man who works and when he comes home, he expects his wife to have the energy and desires to have sex. This episode show how fathers where the one who new everything, they even say in the video that “fathers now best”. But when we look at Archie, he was loosing control of his home, his wife wasn’t doing what wives where supposed to do and he was just loosing his mind. It also showed us how Archie was the one who supported the house economically and was the one who took care of the family. And TV was more liberal because it showed how Archie daughter lost her child just like in Roseanne and he was Archie was all supportive about it. But again Archie as the man of the house he was loosing power in his house. Then in The Independent Women video shows how like in Roseanne, women where in control. Women where more in control than men in all aspects. They where business person and professionals that started to impact TV. It also showed how and gave a fantasy image of how women where perfect. In the show Lucy was the first comedian show that did different than what TV was used to show. She was against on showing she was the normal wife that when the husband came home she would be like “ how was your day” instead she wanted to do something for her and the husband didn’t let her. In Greys Anatomy it was a show where women found problems of finding a balance on having a professional life and being also a lover. Here we can see how TV was out of the ordinary and they had episodes where they showed more importance toward women instead of looking at them as something less. In the readings of Lynn Spigel, Make Rom for TV,