Rotarians Four Way Analysis

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I think that most people would agree that when they were a child they would often hear people say, “Are you telling the truth?” or “That’s not fair!”. From when we begin to talk, parents, teachers, and neighbors alike attempt to teach us to always tell the truth and to play fair. Truth, justice, and friendship are common themes in our society and are the values on which our country was founded. These values are such a fundamental part of our society that in order to better our communities, locally and nationally, those ideas must be reflected. The Rotarians four-way test asks questions that mirror our country’s original morals. Although, this test was first developed for the Rotarians in the 1900’s to ensure that business relations were ethical and appropriate, it can easily be applied to everyday life and personal relationships. Each question is intended to guarantee that decisions are morally correct. …show more content…
At first, I did not want to step forward, because I did not want to be labeled as a tattle-tale and be hated by the cheaters. However, I spoke to others who all agreed that taking action would eliminate the exclusion rings of people who shared their information. It would allow people to reach out and help each other learn in a way that wasn’t sending pictures of answers. No one was named when my teacher was informed of the situation. Now our classmates all get along better, because no one is exclusive and secretive anymore.
Was it beneficial to all concerned? Cheating undermines the intelligence of person or persons who cheated, the teacher and their classmates. So yes, it did benefit everyone. It allowed everyone to fairly learn and to make our time and effort meaningful. I am proud of my decision. Although it sometimes may be hard to live and act based upon the four-way test, it will ensure that you are doing the right and just thing. It is truly the best was to live an honorable life and better the lives of