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Rough Draft Essay - Brady Bryan

Whether or not children should television has been a very controversial question for years. The majority of the population of the United States say that it rots the brain. Television is a great tool for developing young children's minds. It is definitely a good thing, and it has a lot to offer. The main question however is whether or not children should watch it or not. Each of these topics have evidence to back it up, and will prove why students should watch TV. “There used to be something called the "toddlers' truce" when TV went off air between six and seven o'clock so parents could put their children to bed; now kids' cable networks broadcast 24 hours a day” (“Is television…?”). First off, how is TV a
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Without a single shadow of a doubt, absolutely! All these pros definitely overpower the cons, if any at all. It helps them grow as a person, and it even help grown-ups grow, too. The main ideas of every show on television is to inform. Practically all of them are good, and only a small handful of them are not. As long as you know what your child is watching, there is no problem with it. Television is more important than people think, and if someone that just happens to read this essay thinks that it is a waste of time, then they have never considered the good things about television. They have been so caught up in the bad, that the good was easily forgotten. Try not to be the victim of this, yet do not get so caught up in this. And the main idea of all these pros is that television teaches something school’s cannot: enjoyment. Those who have watched television know that when it comes down to entertainment, television is a hard competitor to beat. Sure, school may be nice and all, but in the enjoyment category, it is almost as if it never even entered. Enter television, where both kids and adolescents can have fun watching characters pull of hilarious stunts, or learning facts about the