Benefits Of Online Learning

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OUTLINE FOR DISCUSSION BOARD 2 Online Learning has grown tremendously over that past decade or so. A lot of students at some universities choose distance learning over those done in classrooms. Many students are easily attracted to online, distant learning because of the freedom and flexibility in scheduling and also the assignment schedule could be appealing to students. Online Learning offers students the ability to work from anyplace. This freedom can also offer problems due to the high dropout percentage of students taking online classes. The article I chose, focuses on online learning in its entirety. The advantages and disadvantages of being an online learner are discussed in the article. It also mentions how online learning and classroom learning have similarities and discusses their differences to. Also discussed is how well students do taking the same course but online and in the classroom. These observations and results come from test and evaluations that were done as research to come up with the information. This articles content provides me with a lot of information regarding online learning that I did not know. I was surprise by certain things such as the degree completion rate of online learners. I expected more people to graduate but I guess with having freedom some people tend to forget or just not do their weekly work or communicate with their professors. I feel that conclusions in the article were accurate due to the graphs and researched information that was mentioned and the examples that were provided in the text. I will definitely apply some of the things I have learned while reading this article into my online learning experience. I feel that doing so will benefit me in the future so that I can excel in my coursework and also graduate with an understanding of the studied and taken material so that I will do well within my career field. The steps that will be taken for me to apply the information I learned to my everyday role as an online student would definitely