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Week 7 Rough draft Appendix G: The low glycemic and the low carbohydrates are remarkably similar diets, but they are so different in many ways. Carbohydrates can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on the type of carbohydrates. Learning the difference between good and bad carbohydrates is beneficial. Once a person understands they can begin the process in what it takes to lose weight. One thing that needs to be learned is what affects the body besides food. There are different kinds of hormones that affect how the body gets rid of the amount of sugar (carbohydrates) and fat that store in the body. Theses hormones are what they call insulin, cortisol, and leptin; they affect how everything works. Once people have learned about their hormones, then people can learn how to keep the weight off. The low glycemic and the low carbohydrates are remarkably similar diets, but they are so different in many ways. Most people who want to lose weight and remain healthy. When people go on a diet, they want results right now. Some people believe that cutting calories and portion control is all that matters; this is exceptionally true when losing weight. If the results do not come quickly, some people remove the carbohydrates from their diet. What happens is that they will lose weight fast. Then when the carbohydrates go back into the body, weight will come back just as fast, if not faster than when they lost it. Once a person learns how to eat a well-balanced meal; they will also understand what portion control does and then their diet will be so much easier. Then they can learn about a hormone called insulin which controls the blood sugar level. This is how the person will discover that the blood sugar controls the appetite and the energy that is provided by the food that is eaten. The blood sugar is what determines whether the body is storing the fat or burning the fat. That hormone is called cortisol. Going on a diet is easy, but learning how to eat right is hard. The main point is to lose weight. “What diet is safer the low carbohydrate or the low glycemic diet?” When using the low carbohydrate diet, there are only 20 carbohydrates that can be eaten in one day. This has to be done for two weeks or until the weight is where the person wants it to be. Then once the weight is reached, another five carbohydrates can be added. This diet is basic meat and cheese because there cannot be any sugar. This is a strict diet; it is hard to get the nutrients it needs for the body to be healthy and have the energy to make it through the day. Doing this diet changes the hormone called leptin because this hormone is what is used for energy metabolism. This hormone sends information to the brain to either eat more or eat less. When using the low glycemic diet all the basic food groups are included in this diet. With the low glycemic diet, there are three main meals and three snacks throughout the day. This keeps the body from getting hungry and keeps the blood sugar level which will keep the energy flowing throughout the day as needed. When the blood sugar does not spike the body will feel better, and this helps to lose weight, and the insulin hormone stays under control. It is safer to use the low glycemic diet if a person wants to remain healthy and continue to lose weight. “Which low glycemic diet or low carbohydrates diet burns the most calories?” When a person wants to burn calories faster they need to use the low carbohydrate diet. The low glycemic diet is more promising in losing calories over time; the low glycemic diet burns more calories per day than the low carbohydrates. The low glycemic diet is easier to stick with than the low carbohydrate diet over a long time. With the low glycemic diet, this will prove to be healthier for the