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Art in Our Society

Art is a just another way of expressing feelings or attitude towards something but it can be viewed as positive or have a lot of negativity. Art can is a message of social class and the way people are viewed. In "Ways of Seeing" by John Berger and "Thomas Crown Affair" demonstrate how men and women are view in society and how women are portrayed as passive and inferior to men.

A man's objective is all about how powerful he is to others and show what he can do while a woman's objective is about herself and what can be done to her. In the "Ways of Seeing", Berger shows the way how men and women are different and represented. Berger claims that the look of men and women are different by the way they look at each other and an example is men are the main ones that examines women. But in this case in "Thomas Crown Affair ”, Catherine Banning is the one examining Thomas Crown as she is the one trying to get close to him to figure out how and why a rich and powerful man stole the missing Monet painting in the museum. The cultural presence of the woman is still very much different from a man.

A woman's actions is a perspective of the way she was to to be treated and looked at in a certain way while a man's actions don't mean much. Berger said that men survey women before they relate to them and it determines their relationship they are going to have with the woman. As a result all of women's actions and appearance are indications of the manner in which she would like to be treated. In "Thomas Crown Affair", after the theft of a famous painting, the only person suspecting Thomas Crown is Catherine Banning. Her job is to get the picture back, no matter how she accomplishes her mission which attracts Thomas Crown to her and falls for her. Unfortunately, Catherine gets involved too deeply with Mr. Crown to keep a professional distance to the case.

In art, nakedness is someone looking at themselves in the mirror, while nudity is someone being seen by other people and being observed as an object. Berger tries to distinguish the difference between nudity and nakedness. He talks about a woman’s body hair and fat dimples is never painted because it is not sexually attractive to the painter and the male species. In "Thomas Crown Affair", another similarity to nakedness and nudity is a model of a naked woman sculpture Catherine Banning bypasses when she goes up Crowns stairs while invading Thomas Crown's home to find the missing