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The phrase: “Having to wear uniforms at school is such a bummer!” Can be stated many times throughout the school year. Well try thinking about it differently for a change. Who ever said that there was a disadvantage to wearing school uniforms? Wearing uniforms comes with various positive outcomes. If you don’t worry about uniforms, you won’t have to worry about your style. Wearing uniforms isn’t all that bad and may end up being beneficial. Bullying will be less possible, and no vulgar clothing could be worn.
One reason of school uniforms being beneficial is that worrying about making a good impression on the first day of school isn’t an option based on the clothing someone wears. This means that no one will be judged in any other way because everyone is wearing the same thing.
According to School Uniforms by Meredith G., “Clothing often reflects who you socialize with.”
A student won’t worry about having to fit in with anyone based on the clothes he/she wears.
They will actually get to know the person without completely avoiding them because they’re dressed differently. Groups of friends would also tend to shun someone out if that person isn’t wearing the most popular thing on the market. That group of people could get to know each other without being judged on the outside.
Another reason is that one’s clothes may not be the most appropriate for school. An opposing argument states that having to wear school uniforms takes away self expression, but this doesn’t mean that no one will ever know who they really are. They can express themselves by how they act, instead of wearing anything they think would “look cool”, and in some cases, students may be wearing attire with unnecessary or vulgar statements or pictures. The article
School Uniforms states that some attire may advertise things such as drugs, or alcohol. Students

won’t be distracted by how they look compared to others, and won’t get into trouble by their teachers for wearing such vulgar clothing.
The final reason that schools should start enforcing school uniforms is that they would lower the likelihood of