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Bell rings, chairs slide out, backpacks are swung over shoulders and just like that you’re out of school on Friday. Sun goes down and you’re ready to go out, you grab your keys and head out the door, but as you walk out you hear your mom yell “Remember you have a curfew!” The energy you had moments ago slowly dwindles away. Teenagers sneak out and inevitably get into trouble and parents become too lenient and don’t enforce the curfew. Curfews aren’t effective. They simply give parents the power to have you home when they think it’s appropriate.
Teenagers sneak out. The main reason for teenagers sneaking out would be that they have an earlier curfew than their friends. As you may know teenagers are famous for challenging rules and rebelling. They might sneak out just to go against their parents’ wishes. Continuing to sneak out and staying past curfew can also happen because parents don’t always enforce the rule.
Parents don’t always enforce the curfew. Some parents fall under peer pressure and feel obligated to give their teens curfews because other parents around them do. If they don’t see the necessity of having one then they won’t see the necessity of enforcing it. Also some parents want to be the teen’s friend rather than their parent, so they don’t want to confront them about it. Parents sometimes don’t know how to discipline their teen either. Even when the curfew is enforced it doesn’t keep you out of trouble. Everything in towns usually close at midnight so teens have the opportunity to do what they want and still be home in time for curfew.
They don’t necessarily keep you out of trouble. According to a study by The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice provided information stating that crime fell faster in California without a curfew than in cities with a curfew. After the shooting of Carlos Nava a three year old in Oakland, the curfew was renewed. Anyone under the