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Syed Ali Naqvi
Prof Aveni
English 099-01
Paper 4 Rough Draft
November 10 2014
Society in a Cult’s Trap People today make it seem as if happiness is hard to come by; that is until you start unwrapping your new generation IPod or when you see the bow sitting on top of the new car your spouse or Daddy bought you on Christmas morning. Have Americans as people have gotten so far away from the things that do not bring us short term pleasure instead of looking at the bigger picture and pursing the long term ‘happiness’? Kalle Lasn, a well-known critic, originally part of the traditional advertising world, founded a marketing research firm in the 1960s. Lasn grew to have ethical doubts about marketing and shifted careers. He explains that our unconscious way of living in today’s society is almost as if we are all in a ‘Cult’ explained in his article ‘The Cult You‘re In“. The ‘Cult’ that makes us believe that we have to live a certain lifestyle; dress a certain way based on what city we were raised in or the complexion of your skin or what profession you plan on pursing. Moreover, in the article “The Man behind Abercrombie & Fitch”, Benoit Denizet-Lewis examines his attitude and interest in the influence of marketing strategies, particularly those directed at teens. This article is about the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, Jefferies, who only allow his employs to dress a certain way, wear only his brand and the employs are all supposed to be attractive such as “cool kids”. Lasn argues that Americans are a part of “cult” or consumer culture because people dress certain way and wear certain brands, While Lewis examines his attitude and interest in the influence of marketing strategies by claiming the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, Jefferies, making American people follow the consumer culture.

Lasn successfully conveys the different types of advertising by giving a vast number of examples in persuasive text. This text identifies different roles and behaviors patterns that people did not personally choose. Lasn sends a message that advertisement in the United States take over people’s lives without them even realizing it.

Many cult members have a lot in common. They also have the same beliefs as others. However, wearing same brands as others is considered being in cult. If people do their research about how branding clothes have an effect in buying their next purchase, then they will find out that they truly are in a cult like system. Once consumers buy a certain product, they tend to go after the same product next time. The more popular the brand, the more people will buy the product and influence new customers to go after that product. Many cults try and are equal among others as possible; they even go to extents as wearing the same types of clothes. He