Rough Draft Short Story

Words: 629
Pages: 3

I opened the door and twenty-five faces greeted me. My heart jumped into my throat when I realized this audition wasn’t what I thought it was. My friends motioned me over and I plopped down next to them.
When my mother told me she had signed me up for a musical, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown,” I was furious and frightened. She tried to console me by saying that being in the show would help my stage fright, my friends were doing it, and it would be so much fun! Slowly but surely, I became excited to do what I’d watched other people do for years. “Is this an open audition?” I asked my friend sitting next to me. “Yeah,” she replied, the simple answer caused the butterflies in my stomach to do a full-on gymnastics routine. An open audition is where an actor auditions in front of a crowd. In my case, the crowd was people I barely knew as well as a couple of aforementioned friends.
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My mind ran a mile a minute and my eyes scoured the room for something soothing. I glanced over at my friends who seemed totally calm. Person after person slated, sang their songs, and sat back down. My anxiety increased for each person called to perform. As I rehearsed my song in my head for the fourteenth time, my sight locked on the door. I could probably slip out unnoticed. I could tell my friends I needed to go to the bathroom. I could escape. But then I would let down all the people that believed in me. Suddenly, as if the universe heard my thoughts, my director glanced down at her list and called my