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Disi Kou
Burlee Vang
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21 June 2015
TV Ads Today more and more advertisements are seen on the TV screen. It’s difficult to find a program without insertion of ads on TV. Food, clothes-everything you can think of-are presented on television. Advertising "as the name suggests is the meaning of" advertised ". TV advertising is rely on visual image language infiltration to as the basic unit of society family, and it is to arouse the audience's desire to buy and consume behavior and make a final goods from producer distribution to the consumer hands. Advertising undoubtedly contributed to the transfer of such goods to the role of the catalyst, and the good or bad direct impact on the exchange of goods and whether the smooth and efficient. In generally, clever advertising often not take a straightforward strategy to highlight the superior performance of the commodity itself, sometimes even deliberately ignore its inherent quality, but to give the goods more imagination and desire on the better life. Obviously value of goods as a material existence and happiness of these ethical considerations do not seem to be directly related, but it is the task of advertising resorted to every means to tell the audience that a concept. As long as have the goods, happiness of life will come. Or that the audience for the purpose of the purchase of goods is not only a real life of real needs, but they want to get an advertising sense of happiness and joy in the process of consumer goods. This feeling becomes deep dynamic and effective way to stimulate consumption. Advertising as a special form of the dissemination of consumer information, consumer-purchasing behavior will have a great impact. Modern marketing believes that the consumer is the center of marketing, all marketing activities to focus on consumers. Advertising is through the dissemination of information, so that consumers can produce the expected positive response to the product which affects the consumer's purchasing behavior.
Advertising is a kind of information dissemination activities and information dissemination is its most basic function. Consumers must first understand before buying commodity-related information. Sources of product information from three sources: First contact with itself; the second is the spread of the crowd; the third is a variety of media, such as obtained through television, newspapers or flyers, signs and so on. It is through a variety of media advertising, sending out all kinds of information about the product, so that consumers can get and get relevant knowledge. Advertising media is very wide spread of information, including market information, commodity information, service information, enterprise information and production and life information, etc. Through the dissemination of information on the advertising, can let consumers understand the product or service quality, characteristics, properties, morphology, trademarks and packaging and can bring new special value and satisfaction; can make people understand the business enterprise business purpose, development situation, market position and product reputation; can also be commodity related new lifestyles and consumption concept to the people to communicate and guide people's consumption behavior. Survey results show that advertising is an important source of information to understand the function of the product or service content, the proportion of the number of people in Taiwan is 86% and in Hongkong is 74%. In China, 60% of people think that shopping is influenced by advertising, especially television advertising. Nowadays, information has become an important resource for social survival, the unprecedented development of the advertising industry and it makes advertisement becomes the people to obtain the important sources of information, especially for the vast number of consumers, their information on commodity markets and most are directly or indirectly from advertising. At the same time,