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The Rough Rider Interpreter
Newspaper Project 1st Nine Weeks

Your job is to create a newspaper dealing with Chapters 5-8. You will be creating articles, advertisements, political cartoons, classifieds, and pictures dealing with the American Revolution.

Your newspaper will include:

• Society Page,

• International Page,

• Editorial Page, and

• Main Page.

The topics that you must cover are listed below. It is up to you which type of item you want to create unless otherwise noted. However, your newspaper must have in total at least:

• 4 advertisements,

• 4 political cartoons,

• 4 classifieds, and

• 7 pictures.

You must include a name for your newspaper. You may use The Rough Rider Interpreter or you may create a name on your own. Be sure that each of your articles has a title and that your pictures have captions. Make sure to give credit to your sources if applicable. Your completed project will be due OCTOBER 6, 2010. Make plans to turn it in that day even if you are absent.

Society Page
Chapter 5 – Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution • Different nationalities and ethnicities that have come to the New World. (Scots-Irish, Germans, Paxton Boys)

• The most honored profession was of that time – must be an advertisement

• The leading industry in the colonies. (Staple crop, Lumber) – must be an advertisement

• The Religious Toleration. Give primary source examples.

• The Great Awakening (Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield interview on their contributions to this movement)

• John Peter Zenger – must be an article on his trial.

International Page
Chapter 6 – Duel for North America • The French exploration in the New World. (Antoine Cadillac, Robert de La Salle)- must be an article on how the French exploration of North America.

• King William’s War (1689-1687) and its effects on the colonies. Editorial in which you make predictions as to the consequences of this war.

• Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713) and its effects on the colonies. Editorial in which you make predictions as to the consequences of this war.

• The French and Indian War (The Seven Year War). (Be sure to mention the Albany Congress)- article

• General Braddock’s failure to protect the colonies- article

• William Pitt or James Wolfe- interview on their strategies for the French and Indian War

• How the Native Americans played both sides in the French and Indian War – must be a political cartoon.

• Why did the colonists hate the Proclamation of 1763? Why would this lead to war?- Editorial

Editorial Page
Chapter 7 – The Road to Revolution • The difference between Republicanism and the “Radical Whigs”. Show Bias. Which would you prefer?

• Why did the colonies hate Mercantilism? (Be sure to mention the Navigation Law of 1650).

• The Stamp Act (be sure to mention why they were imposed and then repealed.) Also include the Sugar Act, Quartering Act, Sons of Liberty, Daughters of Liberty,