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Rough draft
Byron was born in1788 in London to john Byron and Catherin go in a descendant of a Scottish and noble family. He was born with clubbed foot, and which he suffered throughout his life. Lord Byron is considered one of the most important and interesity poets of the Romantic Movement in England, and “she walks in beauty” is frequently I considered one of his powerful works. In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries romanticism swept across the world affecting the sensibilities of the artists and philosophers and the number of countries. What was inspiration for the poem was make a women that had no one to love to find romantic in her life and she is unknown women that’s trying to find love and she say darkness for lightness of all thing that happen in her life. In the poem” walks in the beauty” by George Gordon. He is talking about a unnamed women and she is quite striking and compares her to a lot of beautiful, but dark thing. George Gordon is using personification and similes because he comparison a women to one thing. A heart whose love is innocent. The imagery is the ray and shade represent the purity and darkness of how the women feeling. The diction in the story was in the middle where thought serenely sweet express how pure how dear their dwelling place. The tone was a reverent type of tone and the women is in her feeling. My personal opinion of the story is a woman has no name and she doesn’t talk to no one and very quite. She talks about her beauty and letting the people know how she feels about herself. Lord Byron is the speaker but he talking to the audiences and the style of the poem is a Ballad. He want to let some emotional out and let the people know how he feels. Lord Byron died of a fever on April 19 1824 at missolonghi in Greece where he had gone to fight for the patriot cause against Turkish imperialism. His life has exercised a magnetic attraction for generations of biographers. In the poem Byron balances light and dark within the personality of one beautiful woman. If any two concepts can be recognized ad being mutually exclusive it would be these light does not exist where there is darkness and darkness does exist in light even though they can exist next to one another with darkness taking up where light ends and the vice versa. In some case the two are thought of as struggling against one another but in case of the beautiful women as Byron explains it here light and dark can exist together at the same time in harmony. In music which where the word is most often used it refers to a special third tone that’s occurs when two tones work together with each other and make a new pleasing sound. Byron implies in “she walks in beauty” that the convergence of the light and dark within this woman creates a