Rousseau's Unequal Society

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Is it possible for humans to begin in the state of nature and never fall into the corrupt ways of an unequal society? The state of nature is the purest way to begin life, but modern-day humans are starting to grow in an unequal society which is corrupting them. Rousseau, the author and philosopher of the Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, makes judgements on society and how it corrupts humans. Additionally, Rousseau explains his philosophy behind the state of nature progressing into an unequal society. A man in the state of nature always progresses to become corrupt from the unequal ways of society. There are several intermediate steps for a man to start in the state of nature and to become fully corrupt. These steps include, beginning …show more content…
The state of nature is the purest way to begin life, but modern-day humans are developing in an unequal society. Children naturally follow a perspective, in this case their parent’s, thus leading to a constant round-about effect of inequality and corruption. If children were raised in the state of nature, Rousseau believes they would follow the law of Sparta. Thus causing them to “render strong and robust and those who are well constituted” (Rousseau, 19). This natural state gives humans a limited amount of knowledge, their only resource is learning from wild animals. Animals are skillful and intelligent, but ferocious creatures. Furthermore, humans growing in the state of nature gives them the perspective and mindset of a wild animal. Children and humans start to develop more like the wild animals and become skillful and intelligent, but convert into “a savage man living dispersed among the animals” (20). A savage man is slowly becoming more corrupted because he is acting as if an animal. Animals have the instinct to use violence to protect and fight for themselves, additionally they do not have reasoning. When humans procced to act as if a wild creature, it’s known as savagely because they have reasoning. Unfortunately, once man has realized he has become savage, there is no possible way to transform back into the state of being pure. This realization makes him pity