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Hannah Rowe
English 1000
March 6, 2015
Hungry Men or Starving Woman Who doesn't love a good Burger? Carls Jr., Burger King, and McDonalds are all big names in the burger and fast-food industry. These companies have delicious looking burgers and women all over billboards as well as on television. Not only are these companies advertising for these yummy burgers but continue to promote objectifying women within their advertisements. These beautiful girls add some eye candy to these already sexualized commercials. The marketing team for these fast-food places are using large amounts of pathos and relying on their ethos they've already build to bring in high amounts of profits. In reality it would be better for the company in the long run to have commercials and ads to try and build their ethos, for when they are called out for having sexist advertisements. The world is becoming more driven and inspired by powerful woman who will eventually fight back. Carl’s Jr. has a long history of sexist ads. With gorgeous female stars, innovative new burgers, and edgy storylines, the brand is known worldwide for producing ad campaigns that get attention. However, this year’s Super Bowl commercial was one for the books. The most recent 'Au Naturel’ commercial for the fast-food first All-Natural Burger has the lovely Charlotte McKinney walking around naked, as she browses a local farmer’s market while enjoying her Carl’s Jr. All-Natural Burger, a fast-food industry first featuring a grass-fed, free-range, all-natural beef patty with no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Suggestively highlighting the benefits of going au naturel, viewers can see that the All-Natural Burger is as all-natural as Charlotte herself. This advertising tactic is used to draw more attention to the company, ““Carl’s Jr. has long been famous for not only developing innovative burgers and other menu items that are new to fast food, but for advertising them in a way that our target audience of ‘Young Hungry Guys’ can’t seem to get enough of,” said Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for Carl’s Jr.” (Davis) “However, the success of our Super Bowl ad starring the lovely Charlotte McKinney is unprecedented. In less than two weeks, the commercial for the new All-Natural Burger has generated nearly 2.5 billion media impressions and 9.5 million YouTube views – two milestone records that were reached faster than any ad in our history.” (Davis) Not only does this commercial show large amounts of pathos but also little to no logos. In what world do we have an attractive woman walking around naked in a burger ad. “ “I think everyone knows what Carl's Jr. is all about," AdWeek editor Lisa Granatstein told ABC News' "Good Morning America." “Those ads aren't going after women, they're going after men. They are not afraid of the controversy. The more controversy the better.” ” (Davis). The marketing representatives for Carls Jr. do a great job reaching the audience of “young hungry guys” but how does this relate to the actual quality of the burger. “Since its launch in restaurants Dec. 17, strong sales of the All-Natural Burger have exceeded forecasts every week and were the strongest to date during the week of the Big Game when the ad was first unveiled.” (Davis). These burgers are not only seeing better and more but are helping the fast-food industry move towards a more healthy kind of food. This all great for fast-food, healthier options should be promoted to help drive society into a healthier state. But what they don't think about is how this is hurting our young girls, having to grow up around “ideal” woman and thinking they aren't good enough for men because of their weight. The second advertisement I analyzed was also from Carls Jr.. This billboard or poster ad is staring Paris Hilton in a hot black bathing suite, sexually biting into a delicious looking burger. This ad not only objectifies and stereotypes woman exactly like the super bowl commercial, but