Essay on Royal Bank of Scotland Group and Rbs

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Here is the introduction of RBS, the first commercial mobile bank is available for service in November 1946.
RBS has centers in thirteen European countries and sixteen North American states.
The Royal Bank of Scotland has around 700 stores around the world.
RBS includes Citizens Financial Group, Ulster Bank Group, Coutts, Direct Line, Churchill and around 40 other brands. Business mission * Provide world-class financing that means RBS want to provide services in all over the world. And that service is global. * Risk management when people face some financial problem, RBS want to help them to manage. * According to RBS, The vision of RBS is to be a leader in wholesale in each of the areas which RNs choose to operate. * OK here will be the swot analysis, my partner Linus will explain for you. * For the marketing position, Efficiency is the vital factor, one of the function of bank is helping people to transfer money. So if the bank is efficiency, it can more attract people. * Convenience, when people want to get money or use any banking services, easy to go there is really important. * According to yeng(2009), china people uses to save money more than spend money, so maybe upgrade an interest rate is good action * Good Loyalty as if u want people save money in your bank, than loyalty is really factor to cause them.
Here is the products of RBS, it includes the card services, online banking , staff service, money transfer and account benefits.
For the price, it’s important to know that the cost of the operation of the RBS, First is the operation cost, Light, paper that tool in the bank they all need money. Second is the staff salary, to hire