Royalties And Contracts Notes Essay

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Have them for payment tracking, a source of income for songwriters/recording artists
PPL originated from a shop, PRS started from sheet music sales
PPL is for recording artists, so whenever a certain recording is played, the people on it could be eligible for royalties
Whereas PRS is for the songwriters, so when their song is played/performed, the songwriters get royalties
PPL and PRS are now both websites and track where songs are played. They collect the money and send it to the right people
Publishers may give a publishing advance, so money is given upfront to produce an album and the artists pay it back.
Mechanical royalties/licences is giving permission for songs to be reproduced onto CDs etc.
Performance royalties
Synchronisation fees/licences are needed for a song to be used on any TV programme, advert, video etc. Anywhere where the song is ‘synchronised’ to a visual.
Educational use?

Distribution of royalties (put in publishers!!)
Primary, secondary, supplementary
Various reasons why (confused)

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more people that is basically evidence of them saying they will do something.
We need them as evidence because word of mouth and text messages can be easily broken/argued
Clauses (look up)
Are they good or bad, do they ruin the fun of starting a band?
What is the right time to use a contract?
Label contracts- legally bound agreements. Allow record labels to exploit artists performance on a recording in return for royalty payments
Payments achieved through sales of songs and live performances
Most labels require that artist only