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Haider Raza
Ms. Reinhardt
CP English IV
14 December 2013
Historically Illustrated Brave New World As time progresses and changes, the earth that is inhabited also progresses and changes. The language that is spoken changes and significant meanings change. The biggest change would be society and the people that live on the earth. Humans have evolved from apes, to cavemen, to finally intellectual humans (Than). In Brave New World, the time period is very different to today’s period and the actual period the story was written in. The Brave New World is portrayed as a utopian society in which everyone is equal. The time period is A.F., which stands for After Ford. The way people view “Normality” is completely different then how it would be portrayed today. Procreation is frowned upon in the Brave New World. Progression is viewed as a societal step forward as a whole. Differentiation is no longer accepted because it is viewed as a lack of progress as it does not fit in the gears that turn the system. Just as society views individuals who appear as different to it’s usual routine, the same could be said about that individual for his or her own views. In 1932, during the book was published, the Great Depression was going on so questions about the seemingly bleak future of society appeared frequently in the minds of everyday American citizens. Huxley’s Brave New World illustrates his opinions on future society with a historical approach through the time period the author wrote the book, how society was similar and different during industrial revolution, and the actual time period. Brave New World, written in 1932 during the Great depression was going on. It was the earliest science fiction and futuristic idea to be written. During the Great Depression, food was hard to come by because it was a tough economy. Also, people were curious about what the future society was going to be like. In 1932, people didn’t have much to do in their pass times except think of ideas, write stories, and read stories. Most people had different views and philosophies about the future, what was going to happen next, or really anything. The language spoken at the time period was different then in the actual book. Over time language changed and in the 1930s the language is pretty similar to today’s language spoken. In Brave New World, the language was also very similar to 1930’s except it was a little more intellectual and “different”. They still used most of the vocabulary in 1930’s language but new words were added. Something that is a problem in 1930 would most likely be fixed in the future in a distorted fashion. If one doesn’t do his job right or doesn’t have a job in general, life will be hard to live and survival is complicated. In the future society, one is created to have a specific job and is given a place to live, which seems perfect but has its own flaws. There can be complications if one loses his job, which would mean he loses his house and is thrown to the reservations, which is portrayed as a modern time jail. During the industrial revolution, society completely changed, in the book, and in the 1930s. Economy was booming and times were changing. In Brave New World, Huxley said it all with 3 words, “Community, Identity, and Stability”(Peller). It was the motto for the New World Order. The assembly line was basically another successful