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RP1: Hemingway and Carter

Hemingway’s, “A Very Short Story,” made me feel irritated. I understand Luz and her lover were a part, but I personally feel she was going to head out the door long before she met with the soldier. He wanted her to come along and that is the time when Luz should have went with him. She should have been honest from the start. This story makes me so feel like shit for the man. She basically led him on and fed him false hope. This hits home because I definitely recall the same thing happening to me. My question if I was to meet Luz would sound something like, “why couldn’t you just be a real woman and let him know you didn’t want anything to do with him?” Thanks for possibly making another man despise women Luz!

“The Snow Child,” by Carter is just twisted, somewhat erotic, but I find it to be good. After reading through it twice, I noticed how open the Count was with his actions and the words he’d say. This story made me feel as though I wanted to jump into it and kick the Counts ass off the horse and make him sit in the ice cold water so he can feel how cold his wife’s, the Countess’ heart must of felt. To be honest, I thought this story was going to be some bullshit that I was going to come into class and complain about. Well, that isn’t the case. I was really intrigued on how it points out the desires of a man and shows what a woman would do to keep what is hers. I am quite sure that we all know in reality, we can’t always get what we want. One of the most disrespectful things that had me on edge was when the Count was intimate with the dead girl. Seriously though, if my future husband was to do this to me and make me feel not worthy, some crazy things would have went down. No, I am not insane, but I would definitely make him think I was. Every day, people work so hard to keep their relationship alive and the other person happy; we already know things will not be perfect, but the respect for each other should always remain there no matter how unhappy and uncomfortable things may…