Essay on RPG & MMORPG Differences

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RPG & MMORPG Differences

Massive multiplayer online role playing (MMORPG) games and role playing games (RPG) can be similar while one plays through the game, but is actually way different. When looking at these two genres one can see that as you play through the game that the gameplay and story concept are dramatically different. Here one will examine the gameplay and story concept between the “Fallout” series and “World of Warcraft”. In the “Fallout” series the gameplay and story concept all revolve around your character that you play. In this one is a survivor of the apocalypse amongst very few others. You adventure through an open world doing missions, slaying enemies, and putting pieces together to solve larger problems for other non-players characters (NPCs). In this particular RPG the entire gameplay and story concept revolves around oneself. The actual gameplay changes as you complete challenges and unlock new abilities one’s character can do, thus changing how you play it entirely. The story also may change whether one chooses to be evil or good throughout the game. It can also change on how you decide which mission’s one chooses to-do this can drastically change the world around oneself, and alter the storyline greatly. In the MMORPG “World of Warcraft” one will play with thousands of people online. You pick a race and class that you would like to play this will determine at higher levels what style of gameplay one will perform whether a tank, healer or damager dealer (DPS). As a tank your job will be to control hard hitting enemies that would otherwise kill everyone in your group, as a healer you will keep everyone alive, and lastly DPS will just kill what is needed at the time. As one can see the gameplay here is revolved around groups. As you progress through the game you will do countless quests that generate experience points (XP). The XP will add up and level one’s character ultimately unlocking new abilities. The quests that get done