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If we go back to the 1940’s, we analyze how this department was created, The main goal of this Department was the provision of social services to needy families, children, the elderly, offenders, and generally to the vulnerable groups of the population with the finality of promoting organization, advancement and provision of social welfare services. Basically, the need for creating a Social Service came from the lack of caring and nursing for children who were deprived of a normal family life. Those kids were often lead to antisocial behavior.

The concept of social welfare can be interpreted in many different ways depending in who’s point of view, it is proved believes that society has about social welfare carry stigma, many people think that is shameful and involves low-status people, others think it involves only the provision of financial support or counseling in order to help people obtain goods by their own, involves anything given away by the government. As we can see coming with a concept to define Social Welfare is very difficult and it is debated among Social Welfare professionals. Many professionals in the field agree that the majority of these definitions are descriptive (what social welfare looks like) and the best way to come along with a definition is by studying in deep social stigma and descriptive definitions.

Social stigma is the disapproval of a group and it is consider a disgrace that disqualified from full social acceptance to its participants. In other words, stigma marks the recipient of welfare, damages his reputation and undermines his dignity, the result of this can bring as a consequence a moral category where for example, poor is bad but if you are poor and receive help it is worse. Sociologist conclude this attitude may be taken because of two factors; the value placed on work in our society and the norms of reciprocity that are establish in our society, where it is considered to be a general obligation to make some return for the things received. With this said, contributions from