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Vanessa Flores!
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October 28, 2014!
RRJ 9 Chapter 7!
1. In chapter 7 we actually meet and get to know Angie who introduces us to her then best friend, Duchess, who reminded her of Gwen Stefani. They both met in an alley way during a quinceanera. They both do not take a liking to quinceaneras because they are pointless so
Angie told her mother, Cristina, she is a lesbian. We discover that Duchess was best friends with Aurora in elementary school until she started changing and “acting white”. Angie later on got a gob at the Glendale Galleria and formed a new friendship with her coworker,
Debbie, which caused Angie and Duchess to drift apart because she did not take the job
Duchess had offered her at Bank of America. We discover that Cristina, her mother, died while at home. Six years later or so, Duchess (Maria) was killed instantly at work. Later on
Angie and Juan got married and Angie became pregnant. !
2. I found this chapter in the book interesting. It caught my attention when Angie started talking about Gwen Stefani. I feel like Angie was being a follower when she said she wanted to be like Duchess. I think everyone should be their own person. She talks about how people copy what Duchess does and she sorta complains about, while she is trying to do the exact same thing. She does not want to be her own person, she wants to be like her. I agreed with Angie on the topic of quinceaneras and how the parents just put themselves into more debt and spend so much money they do not have just to initiate someone as a “woman” for one day is pointless. I thought it was interesting how it was said that “friendships are a lot like pop songs”. It is kind of true but in my opinion when you have a favorite song you get tired of it eventually. When you have a best friend, you should not get tired of them and stop hanging

with them, hence they are your best friend. I was confused because I did not know how this chapter was about until I read it is about Angie. When I found out Cristina is her mother it made me think back to recent chapters and things sort of tied together. I was confused at the end of the chapter, I was not clear on if Juan died or what because I did not read or sense any type of emotion from Angie and I feel if