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Where Does U.S. Law Come From? by Raven Taylor

BUSI-2001-4 Business Law

Walden University January 19, 2015

Where do U.S Laws come from? In today’s society laws regulates almost all aspect of our life every day. “Law can be defined as rules established and enforceable by a government- federal, state, or local- to regulate the conduct of individuals and groups in a society” (Goldman & Sigismond, 2014). The four primary sources of American law are constitutional law, statutory law, administrative law and case/common law. These rules help govern and the actions and behaviors of U.S citizens. Without these four rules, people will be out of control at handling disagreements and decision-making. The U.S also have laws in place to prosecute citizens who break the law committing criminal crimes. Today the U.S law system has helped society to be effective at protecting the safety and rights of citizens. Four of the functions of the law are to settle disputes, property protection, individual and society protection, and promotion of worthwhile social objectives. (Goldeman, Sigismond, 2014).

The U.S legal system is crucial in today society. The U.S laws are made at the federal and state level. The laws traditionally adhered to the precedents of earlier cases raised by the courts following the doctrine of stare decisis and also made by Congress and the state legislators. Stare decisis lets us know the difference between common law and civil-law systems. .Knowing the law on a given topic most of the time requires a review of both the case law and…