Rube Goldberg Machine Research Paper

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Our Rube Goldberg Machine finale will be a tilted cup, with water inside, being knocked down into an enclosed area. The water will spill into the enclosed area that acts as a fire, extinguishing it.

At the top level, a Newton’s cradle hits a domino. The Newton’s Cradle has potential and kinetic energy. The domino will hit other dominoes and will eventually hit a stacked Jenga block. The Jenga block will hit a golf ball that will go down an inclined plane and into a bucket attached to the pulley. The pulley consists of a bucket and a Jenga block and domino attached together. As the golf ball in the bucket goes down, the block will lift, causing a toy car to go down an inclined plane and hit a stopper. The stopper will hit a domino and the domino effect will happen. The
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The marble will go down an inclined plane that has a zigzag pattern. The marble will go down a styrofoam tube and hit a popsicle stick. The popsicle stick will hit a series of dominoes. The dominoes will hit a stacked Jenga block that will knock over a gold ball. The golf ball will knock over a tilted cup of water into a container. The container resembles a fire. The dominoes hitting each other contains the Second Law of Motion, momentum, and gravity. The toy car’s physical forces are potential energy, when waiting at the top of the incline plane, kinetic energy when it goes down the inclined plane, and gravity to pull the toy car down the ramp. The physical forces of a pulley include gravity, by making the cup go down and the block up, and potential energy because the cup and block are