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Speech Analysis Paper – Other
In order to fulfill this assignment please watch 1 of the following speeches on YouTube (highlight the link, copy the link and paste it in the search field of the internet.
The point of writing this paper is to prepare you for the next speech you will present in class.
If the next speech you are presenting in class is an Informative speech, please analyze one of the Informative Speeches below.
If the next speech you are presenting in class is a persuasive speech, please analyze the persuasive speech.
Informative Speech (Stress) 6:46 min Informative Speech (Bees) 6:47 min Persuasive Speech - Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (Alcohol Consumption) 3:54 After watching one of the speeches, you will write a 1.5-3 page paper. The objective of this paper is to discuss your analysis of someone else’s taped speech. The paper should be typed and written in paragraph style (not bullet point). Please include the title of the speech you watched in the introduction. Your paper will have 2 sections:
1. Wins (positive aspects of that speech/speaker)
2. Opportunities (aspects of the speech/speaker that needed improvement)
In the body of the paper, please refer to the following questions meant to spur your critical thinking. Please note that you do not have to address all of the questions, and the list of questions is not exhaustive (you can add information not addressed by these questions). Your paper should be well organized such as that information within each paragraph should be related and you should have transitions between the paragraphs.
Question Guides:
How well did the speaker incorporate sources within this speech?
How clear was the