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Assessment 1: Marketing Campaign
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Assessment Criteria
Not acceptable, does not meet criteria
Satisfactory. Meets criteria to a basic standard, adequate
Good. Meets criteria to an acceptable standard. Above average.
Very good. Meets criteria to a high standard, well above average
Excellent. Clearly meets criteria to a very high standard




High Distinction

Campaign development and justification
No clear objectives. No link to business needs.
No clear relevance of selected target market.
No clear understanding of external factors. No identification or understanding of relevant competitors.
Objectives outlined, limited alignment to business needs.
Target market links to business. Able to justify relevance.
Basic understanding of internal & external factors likely to affect business. Limited knowledge of relevant competitors.
Clear objectives, linked to business need, able to be measured.
Target market good match with business. Able to identify opportunities for business.
Good understanding of internal & external factors likely to affect campaign effectiveness.
Good consideration of relevant competitors.
Well thought out objectives, clearly linked to business activity and need, able to be measured.
Well considered and justified target market, clearly aligned with business and environmental situation.
Well developed understanding of internal & external factors likely to impact on business and target market.
Competitors are clearly identified and their impacts understood.
Excellent objectives, designed to move business forward, fully measureable.
Target market is excellent match with business growth and aligned with future environmental trends.
Excellent identification of internal & external impacts likely to impact on business and target market.
Thorough investigation of competitors and their likely impacts on the target market’s decision making.

Strategy development

Strategy not clearly articulated.
Not all areas of campaign delivery covered.
Not workable strategy within the business environment.
Strategy does not align with TM needs.

Basic strategy outlined. Limited detail in terms of how ideas will be implemented.
All areas of campaign considered to a basic level.
Basic strategy that works within the existing business environment.
TM needs are met by the strategies put forward. Little consideration of what additional changes need to be made.
Clear strategy with some detail regarding implementation.
All areas of campaign developed, with limited links to each other.
Good strategy that seeks to develop some new opportunities for the business.
Good consideration of TM needs and responsiveness. Little real change to existing operations to accommodate new TM.
Clearly articulated strategy supported by clear implementation guidelines.
All areas of campaign developed, with strong links between each component.
Strong areas of workable strategy that clearly point towards business growth.
TM needs well considered, with changes made to existing operations to enhance the experience overall.
Thoroughly developed and articulated strategy, with detailed implementation guidelines supporting all aspects.
Excellent development of the campaign as a whole, with well thought-out integration between all areas.
Excellent consideration of strategy, able to work with existing business structures, but focused on necessary changes to allow for growth.
All strategies written with TM needs in mind. Excellent alignment and thorough consideration of necessary changes to existing operations and likely impacts.

Supporting research and evidence
Not enough evidence to support understanding of the existing business
Little or no profiling of new TM
Little or no research to support campaign throughout
Supporting evidence/research not correctly cited
Basic evidence supporting existing business operations, primarily