Ruby Freeman Thesis

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Last month , I made a trip to Mississippi Delta to see a place where my ancestors and other people ancestors were once slaves. I want to know a little more about my history.My goal on this trips was to learn as much as I can and to meet someone that is a child of one of these former slaves.As I was making these trips to special places these slaves once had or still do, I came across this lady name Ruby Freeman.A single parent mother with two beautiful children , Beth Freeman who was the oldest child by a year was 5 and the son who name was Johnson Freeman Jr. who was four. Ruby was once married to a guy name Johnson Freeman.Unfortunately, he was murdered after getting involve with a white and black male fight.Martin Luther King Jr. was their inspiration in life because he was a leader who knew what they was fighting for and was doing it in the safest ways.Ruby was a housewife and never worked once in her life until the day she received a call that her husband was rush to the hospital. Her mind was going crazy trying to figure out what exactly to do. She blame it all on herself because she told him it's ok if he goes out with his friends knowing that she doesn't believe it was safe out there. Recently they have been trying to attack former slaves and color people in …show more content…
At this moment she didn't know what to do or what to say to her kids if they’re father doesn't make it out the hospital. She thought of all the scenarios of her husband didn't possible make out of the OR.She it was best to tell her beautiful kids that they father had to go heaven to be with God.And that's exactly what she told them, it was for the best that they didn't know the