Essay on Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

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Narrotor: Once upon a time at the south of the North Pole there was a special reindeer born with a blue nose named Rudolph.

Ms.clause: Here is a gold chain Rudolph for you being helpful and thankful. A gold chain for a special reindeer.

Elf: Ms. Clause! We have a problem with the machine, the toys are flying everywhere and we can’t find Santa. Oh no!

Ms. Clause: Just change the batteries there probably old.

Elf; There's Santa! Great we were just looking for you.

Santa: Ms. Clause I need help!

Ms. Clause: I’m coming you grumpy old fart. Have some Christmas sprit in you.

Ms .Clause: Rudolph your nose!

Rudolph: What about my nose miss c?

Vixen: Rudolph why is your nose turning red!

Rudolph: I don’t know but my nose is perfectly fine.

Vixen: Rudolph, what have you been doing with your nose!

Dasher: Go ask Santa why your nose is red.

Rudolph: Santa why is my nose turning red?

Santa: I don’t know give me a minute and ill tell you

Roudolph: Okay ill be waiting outside talking to the elf?
Ms. Clause: Do you think he’s ready for the magic chain?

Santa: Rudolph your nose is red because you magic. No never mind it’s a gift from the swag master.

Elf: Hey Santa are you almost finish telling Rudolph about all the swag he has.

Vixen: Elf why does Rudolph have more power than us?

Dasher: Yeah all the powers I have are from my gold teeth.

Elf: NO! I already know Rudolph has better things but he was born that way.

Rudolph: Santa t wants to know the truth about my nose. Elf told me something different. She told me that I have the magic touch with red nose fever.

Santa: ELF!

Elf: Yes Santa!

Santa: Why did you tell