Rufus King Essay

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Rufus King

Rufus King Manor Museum, located in Jamaica, Queens was once the home or Rufus and his family. He grew up in wealthy family himself and was the son of a merchant. When he got older, Rufus attended and graduated from Harvard where he studied to be a lawyer. Aside from being interested in law, he was a statesman and a farmer. During his years of dedicated studying, he postponed his education to serve in the militia and fought in the Revolutionary war of 1778. Soon after served as a member of the confederation congress where he planned on making a difference by stating his opinions on slavery and trying to make a change. Rufus King’s life was well portrayed by the way he lived and his home was a great way of showing that.
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A technique they used was heating up multiple rocks and placing them under the bed, creating a heater that helped them keep warm at night. For the hot summer days they opened up the windows and doors, creating ventilation since there weren’t any appliances to help them with the temperature in the house.
Upstairs was the Master bed room, the guestroom and the servants rooms. The Master bed room was for Rufus and his wife, who later weren’t able to share rooms because of Mrs. Kings digestive system disease, causing her death in 1878.
The Guest room was for company that stayed over, like John Quincy Adams, who seeked advice from Mr. King. The servant’s rooms were a bit distinct from the rest of the house structure. The hallways to the rooms were narrow and had short ceilings. They had a bell system that created an easy way of notifying who needed something in the house. The Rufus king manor museum was a great place to visit. It was able to show the life style of the people back then and gave us an idea of how their daily routines were. It was a large, expansive