Rugby: Sampling Method Essay

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Business studies 8th October

1. What type of sampling method do you think (a) Anna and (b) Robert might actually be using? Explain why?

Anna decided to choose systematic sampling, which I think, is a good choice. I think this because it selects random people even if they are not related to the task, which in this case is school letter-headed notepaper or a school calendar. However by choosing this type of sampling it takes a more time because you choose a 1-10 out of everyone in the whole school, which takes a lot of time and effort to do.
Robert chooses to use convenience sampling. Again this is a good choice for this task because this decision only matters with the school sports team. This takes less time to do but you wouldn’t use this type of sampling for another selection process because this only matters to the people who it is going to effect in this case the school sports team.

2. In the survey carried out by Anna, using every tenth person will give her 90 responses. Discuss whether you feel this is enough, about right or to many.

I think this number of 90 responses isn’t enough. I think this because the decision, which she has to make, is going to be a hard and difficult one and she needed more than 90 other people’s opinions to help her out when she makes the decision. This isn’t going to effect Anna’s live however it may effect the children’s life so you need to make the right decision the first time round. To do Anna will need to collect as much data as she can and by only selecting 90 peoples opinions, I think she…