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Residence and Transfer Ineligibility Rule It is sad to say but discrimination still exists to this day. It can be disguised in anything rather than being flat out obvious for someone to notice in a split second, such as in high school sports. “If a student attends a school outside of his or her ‘Home Attendance Zone’ he or she is automatically ineligible for one year unless he or she meets the provisions of the Residence and Transfer Rule” (LHSAA). This Louisiana High School Athletic Association is against an athlete’s rights because it is discriminating on the athlete’s home address in which they have no control over where they live and the school they can choose to go to. Students should be allowed to play sports no matter where they go to school. I was a victim of this Residency rule. It was all because of where I simply lived which I had no control of at all. Unless I decided to move out and live somewhere else. Saint Thomas More Catholic High School was out of my school zone district but I still chose it because the academics were better than the school in my home district. The academics were my first priority in choosing a school that will prepare me for college, which Saint Thomas More Catholic High School exceeded in that area. The high school that I attended just happened have a sport that I enjoyed. I had to go to all the practices, games, and risk my body for potential career ending injuries and not being able to play was like working on a job without getting a pay check. The worst part was having to watch my teammates play knowing that I could not do anything to bring to my team to help them to become better basketball individuals each day. To punish a student for an act that they have no control of is unfair and makes no contribution to that students well-being. Parents are the ones who usually make the decision as to where their kids attend school, so to punish the kid for their parents decision is sending the wrong signal to kids. Most parents want the best for their children. They want them to soar for in life in the big world and have a good education background as to where the children can use this tool for getting jobs or for other life purposes. Discipline, love, care, and a good education are what make this possible for their children’s future. Of these four elements, a good education is the foundation for children to be successful in today’s society. However, they go out like poachers, hunting in the mist of this world. No matter what it takes, they will not give up. And when they find prey that has good resources, the search is over. To deprive a student’s opportunity to compete in any high school sports activities at the school they attend is depriving them of so much more than just a contest. It has the potential of robbing them of obtaining a scholarship to attend college. College tuition is very expensive today. For some students, an athletic scholarship may be their only ticket to afford college and also their ticket of becoming the successful person that they wish to be in life. Playing sports maybe the only way for a student to get into college, by being deemed ineligible to play sports in during any year of your high school career could have a negative impact on that student to be looked at by top colleges. Scouts are there waiting for someone to impress