Rule of Thirds and Rocco- Sherryl Jordan Essay examples

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Rocco- Sherryl Jordan Alicia Hoskin
Static Image
The main idea I am trying to show my audience is Rocco travelling to what turns out to be the future and some of the emotions he has while he pursues these actions.
In this Static image I have used the rule of thirds to create visual balance; the two different lands sit either side of Rocco who is travelling through the middle because he is the centre of interest.
The eye gaze is moving from top left to bottom right to help the image tell a story.
I have picked modern and vibrant colours so it catches the eye of the teenage audience.
The colours of the city contrast with the colours of Anshur/cave; this shows that Rocco is travelling to a totally different time and place. The blackness through the middle shows the true separation occurring between the two lands and creates the feeling that he is travelling somewhere he doesn’t want to go.

The font selected for the quotes relates to the theme because it looks like it is being swept and it is leaning the way Rocco is travelling. The colour of the font stands out on darker colours.
Since the quote is not the dominant image the font size is small/medium compared to the size of the images.
• The angle/shot of the city is an EWS (Extreme Wide Shot), often used as an establishing or landscape shot.
• The angle/shot for the cave image is a WS (Wide Shot), this is when the subject takes up the full frame, or at least as much as comfortably…