Rules And Regulations Of Soccer

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Rules and regulations of soccer

Rules of football
Hand ball: When the ball touches your hands
Throw in: When the ball goes out of the sidelines; has to be an overhead throw in
Corner kick: When the ball is kicked out of the touch lines by an own player
Offside: Not very "Basic"
Goal kick: When the ball is kicked out of the touch lines by an opponent
Penalty kick: Awarded to opponents when they are fouled within the penalty box
Free kick: Awarded when there is a handball or when a foul is committed
Regulations of football
Official size of the soccer ball is size 5; initially the referee makes sure the ball isn’t too hard for health and safety reasons.
The objective of the game is to score the most goals. The game’s won by whoever scores more goals than the other team. Goals are scored by the ball being put into the goal, past the white line.
General size of a football pitch must be 100yards long and 60 yards wide.
The game starts in the center circle of the pitch during the start and after half time, where one player passes the ball to the other. After halftime the teams switch sides on the field.
Football games last 90 minutes with halftime during the 45th minute for 15 minutes. Extra time maybe added after the 90th minute for injuries; this can last up to 5 minutes.
Every time when the ball leaves the pitch by going out of the long side of the pitch, it’s a throw in, where a player must hold the ball above his head and throw the ball into play. The throw in is taken by the opposite team who the ball last touched before leaving the field.
An offside happens if you’re on the opponents half of the field and you’re ahead of the last defender when the ball