Rules Breaking In Ayn Rand's Anthem '

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Rule Breaking “Some rules are nothing but old habits that people are afraid to change.” - Unknown. In Equality’s society the people are too afraid to stand up for what is right. Their rules are that everything that is not done in a group is a sin. Why do their rules exist, what’s their purpose, and would Equality keep all of the rules when he creates his society?
Why do their rules exist? The reason their rules exist is because in their society, to be different means to be evil. In the novel Anthem, Equality felt as if he was evil and a heavy sinner because of his societies rules. One of the reasons could also be that in the ancient times when their society was being formed, the people who formed may have wanted to avoid any wars. Because in our society everyone is different, and that could lead to war. If different side disagree then they will most likely fight.
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I believe that they use their rules to keep everyone the same and to avoid conflicts. But in a roundabout way they may be causing more internal conflict. “We repeat this to ourselves, but it helps us not.” (Rand 19). This is a quote from the first chapter of Anthem, Equality was dealing with his internal conflict about how he was different. He was taller than the rest of his brothers, smarter, and more curious and in his society the rules are against those attributes. In the first chapter on the same page what lead to Equality speaking those words was, “We are one in all and all in one. There are no men but only the great WE, One, indivisible and forever.”(Rand 19). I can see how Equality was struggling with this