Rules: Cooking and Warm Water Essay

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Why its effective
Why its not effective
Cooking and storing food correctly
It helps to keep the food safe and stops the growth of bacteria and germs in food
This is not effective because even though bacteria will stop growing however it will not be killed. There for we must eat food when it is cooked and not to leave it for next day.
Washing hands with soap and warm water before and after cooking food, and touching raw food.
This is effective because washing hands with soap and warm water will stop the bacteria spreading into food.
This is not effective because even though washing hands will stop bacteria but food such as raw meet contains harmful bacteria which can spread easily to other food if it is near other food. This can be stop by keeping raw food away from ready food.
Wash your hands after going to toilet and touching bin
This is effective because the bacteria won’t get into food and it will stop patient from getting ill.
Use hand dryer rather than using toilets tissues as they might contain bacteria. You must use the pump soap instead of using hand bars.
Cooking food it right temperature.
This will ensure that any harmful bacteria are stopped by keeping food in right temperature
The dangerous zone of temperature is between 5 Celsius and 63 Celsius therefore you must keep hot food at hot temperature and cold food at cold temperature.
Washing and cleaning up chopping boards
This will stop the germs from getting into food and will stop patient getting ill.
This not effective because by using wrong chopping board for cutting food, the bacteria will get into food and the patient can get food poisoning . Therefor you should use the right