Rules for Relationships Essay

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Rules for Relationships
Billy Hornsby is an effective ministry coach and a master at relationships. He has a way of turning everyone he meets into a close friend. In his little, book Relationship Intersections: 101 Rules for Relationships, he shares a lifetime worth of insights into how to encourage others. Some of his “Relationship Rules” include:
1. Let your subordinates shine, if they shine bright enough it will reflect back on you.
2. Give the credit away. The man who takes credit away from someone else is a thief.
3. Listen long. Encouraging words that bestow grace are always a blessing, but listen first and listen long. Listen with your eyes and listen with your ears.
4. Never violate the confidence of a friend or an adversary.
5. Only speak negatively of ideas and actions, not people.
6. Never take advantage of another person’s weakness.
7. Say “Thank you” often.
8. Don’t offer criticism without giving a disclaimer.
9. Affirm people. Affirmation is the act of supporting and encouraging the efforts, gifts, self-worth, values and goals of the other person.
10. Never flatter. Sincere compliments are always welcome, but flattery insincere.
11. Compliment a deed well done.
12. Forget all the past mistakes of your friend.
13. Don’t correct adults in front of others.
14. Don’t forget to reward accomplishment.
15. Praise character. Look for people who are faithful, attentive, on time, flexible, honest, truthful,…