Rumors In Vampire Diaries

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Dating back for thousands of years, blood-sucking creatures had been “created” in order to add spice and mystery into legends and mythologies. Vampires have many frightening qualities that are used to horrify little children around the world. Revenants are the most well-known form of vampires. They are said to be human corpses that return from the dead to harm the living. Rumors have spread that potential revenants can be identified at birth because of an abnormality or defect when the child is born. Before our time when they did not have the technology we have now, they relied on the belief of the supernatural to be the cause of their problems. Although it is very tempting to believe in the supernatural, especially vampires, they are
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In Vampire Diaries, two brother vampires are the main characters. They both fall deeply in love for the same normal teenage girl. Instead of the show involving two normal teen brothers, the author is able to complicate their relationships with creating the fact that the brothers are not human. There is no limit to the amount of crazy drama an author or screen writer can create that wouldn’t make the storyline not seem realistic. Books and movies allow people a chance to live the life of the characters involved within it. This allows us as human beings to get wrapped up in the fact that vampires could be real. In reality, vampires are only fictional.
Vampires have become a world fad. Many have taken a lot of interest in the past history of what made these myths seem as real as we try to make them out to be. However, science has been able to prove in a variety of ways that vampires are not real. Yes, vampires are fascinating creatures of the dark in novels and films, but vampires are used to make films and novels more intriguing. The history of how this myth started up dates back to many years ago, and it will continue to grow over time. As it continues to grow, so will the science to back up the truth that vampires are not