Essay on Rumors: Rumor and Ms. Hardwick

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Valeria Camarillo
Ms. Fritchey
English 1301
April 13, 2014

"The coach of the champion University of Connecticut women's basketball team [was] brought by a security official who accused him of grabbing her and trying to kiss her."(Ax) Kelley Hardwick, The official who works for the National Basketball Association sued Geno Auriemma, the coach of the U.S. Olympic women's basketball team. It is rumored that Mr. Auriemma grabbed Ms. Hardwick attempting to kiss her during a trip to Russia on a pre-Olympic. When Ms. Hardwick rejected Mr. Auriemma, he ordered her removed from the Olympics security team in London. However, once the law suit was filed, the NBA reversed its decision and permitted her to travel to London. The lawsuit also included an unrelated assault claim against Mr. Auriemma because he screamed at her in front of the players while in London. The lawsuit was dismissed because the suit did not belong to the sate of New York because the incidents took place in Russia and London. However, Ms. Hardwick's lawyer, states that the actions Mr. Auriemma took were intended to harm her career in New York , which means she can sue the coach there. The actions and rumors of Mr. Auriemma give Ms. Hardwick more confidence in winning the case. However the case can end up hurting Mr. Auriemmas’ carrier. Rumors can be extremely dangerous. When related to ones’ occupation and or profession, like in Mr. Auriemmas’ situation it can be carrier ending. However, rumors don’t just harm jobs but harm lives in general. False accusations hurt carriers. Rumors play a big role in life and happen to be everywhere. Nowadays, people start rumors just to harm lives. However, those rumors lead to dramatic events. Students are exposed to rumors since their early lives beginning in school and students continue to experience them all thought their education. However, students aren't the only ones exposed. In some schools and colleges teachers and professors have been involved in rumors, specially teachers and professors who are young. Chris Dussold, a professor at Southern Illinois, was involved in a rumor, stating his sexual relationship with one of his students, which completely destroyed his career. “The Monday after spring break, he [Chris Dussold] informed the dean of his decision to resign. [I]t was because the rumor and the deans investigation had become too much. [H]ours later, he [Chris Dussold] was called into the deans’ office … the dean fired him. [Mr.] Dussold argued that the reason he was fired was because of the effects of the rumor.”(Barlett 353-354) Mr. Dussold decided to resign because the rumors of his sexual relationship with Ms. Peyla were still circulating and were not diminishing, although the rumor was false, and because the dean conducted an investigation to figure out if indeed the rumors where true after a previous investigation had been conducted. After informing the dean of his decision to resign, Mr. Dussold believed the dean was going to talk him into staying but contrary, the dean fired him. The deans’ explanation for Mr. Dussolds’ dismissal was due to the usage of another instructors teaching statement. Lawsuits are the only way to obtain justice. In modern times, more people believe in filing lawsuits rather than taking justice into in their own hands. The reasons why people have changed their thoughts because taking revenge or making "justice" by themselves gets them in way much more trouble rather than just filing a law suit. Mr. Dussold, a professor at Southern Illinois, "sued all of whom he believe[d] were responsible for his dismissal and remain[ed] convinced the rumor led to his firing and [that] he can prove that in court. This isn’t about getting back at SIUE Mr. Dussold says, I just want to get my name cleared"(Barlett 354). Mr. Dussold does not want to get revenge on the university, he just wants his name cleared. He was involved in a rumor in which we had a sexual